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Top 5 Free Parental Control Apps for Android: 100% Working Solution

Table Of Contents
  1. What Is the Parental Control App?
  2. Top 5 Free Parental Control Apps for Android
  3. mSpy
  4. Google Family Link
  5. Norton Family Parental Control
  6. ESET Parental Control
  7. Qustodio
  8. Why Choose Paid Subscription App?
  9. Final Thoughts

In the early 1990s, smartphones were not as common as they are today. We have witnessed the rapid growth of digital technology and hence are aware of digitalization’s pros and cons. 

Nowadays, almost everyone possesses an Android smartphone, and it has become common among children too. With coronavirus pandemic stressing more on digitalization, education for children has completely moved to an online platform. With all these changes in the new generation of kids, it becomes necessary for today’s parents to monitor their children’s activities on the web. So, the only solution is to use parental control apps for cell phones.

What Is the Parental Control App?

Parental control apps are used to monitor your child’s interaction with the web. The activities that you can track include:

  • Calls and SMS
  • Application downloads
  • Social media interaction
  • Browser history

Apart from these, there are many other features that help you monitor your child’s activities and let your child grow in the right way. Choosing a particular parental app might be a tough job. So, let us look at the top 5 best free parental control apps for Android phones.

Top 5 Free Parental Control Apps for Android

Here are our top picks for tracking your child’s Android devices:


When we talk about digital monitoring, mSpy is one of the first brands that come to our mind. Android users can definitely use it, but it is available for other platforms too. Let us look at the key features we get:

  • Helps to block or filter inappropriate content and manage the content seen by our kids.
  • Allows to manage the time spent on particular apps and helps manage screen time.
  • Provides with a feature that lets you track your child’s live location.

mSpy is one of the leaders in this area, and this app would surely live up to your expectations.

Family Link is one of the best free parental control apps for Android. It allows you to set filters remotely as per your decisions. Here are the most popular features this app has to offer:

  • Helps block content and allows us to set filters for inappropriate content.
  • Provides location tracking that keeps track of your kid’s live location.
  • Helps in time management by allowing you to monitor time spent on different apps.

Norton Family Parental Control

Yet another best free parental control app for Android phones is Norton Family. Although it is free for a limited amount of time, this application provides an ultimate experience. It is a multi-device application that not only provides valuable insights into your child’s activity but also helps them learn good online habits by providing certain tools. The key features of the Norton Family app are as follows:

  • Helps manage your child’s online education by allowing only relevant content to reach your child while blocking the irrelevant ones.
  • Provides website and application supervision, which allows you to keep track of the apps downloaded and the websites that your child visits.
  • Helps set time limits to keep a check on how long your child is interacting with the web.
  • Flags unsafe behaviors and sends daily or weekly reports so that parents can help their children and nurture good online habits.

Norton Family is one of the most impressive free parental control apps for Android. Once the free period expires, you would surely want to pay a little and get hold of all the benefits.

ESET Parental Control

Often said to be a complete parental control app, ESET is an application designed to work perfectly with your child’s Android smartphone. It comes with a lot of handy features, such as:

  • Allows application access control.
  • Blocks inappropriate content by allowing you to set filters.
  • Provides real-time GPS tracking.


Qustodio is said to be the best free parental control app for Android phones. The key features are as follows:

  • Provides excellent web filters and monitors web searches and applications.
  • Allows social media monitoring.
  • Helps in setting up time limits controls.

These are free features. In case you want to spend a little, you get amazing features like location tracking, panic mode, calls, and SMS monitoring, etc.

Why Choose Paid Subscription App?

A paid subscription app takes you to the next level in monitoring your child’s online activity. Among the ones we have discussed, Qustodio and Norton Family offer only limited features for free. Every app offers one or the other feature for free, but you would surely not get all the features for free.

So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for monitoring and controlling your child’s online activity, do not hesitate to go for a paid subscription.

Final Thoughts

The top 5 parental control apps listed above can come in handy if you wish to protect your children from online harm. Also, getting a paid version solves your purpose to a large extent. But make sure you spend time interacting with your child based on the reports and understand their points, views, and emotions. Imposing strict rules on your child doesn’t do much good, but again, it’s our responsibility to make sure our kids get the best environment to grow in as they are the future of our next generation.

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