Data Curation Profiles

Purpose and Use of the Profiles

Purpose: Data Curation Profiles are designed to capture requirements for specific data generated by researchers as articulated by the researchers themselves. They are also intended to enable librarians and others to make informed decisions in working with data of this form, from this research area or sub-discipline. Data Curation Profiles employ a standardized set of fields to enable comparison. They are also designed to be flexible enough for use in any domain or discipline.

Context: A profile is based on the scientist/scholar's reported needs and preferences for these data. They are derived from several sources of information, including interviews, documentation, publications or other relevant materials.

Scope: The scope of individual profiles will vary, based on the author's and participating researcher's background, experiences, and knowledge, as well as the materials available for analysis.

What can a Data Curation Profile be used for?

At an individual level, the Data Curation Profile:

At an institutional level, the Data Curation Profile:

At the broadest level, the Data Curation Profile: