The Data Curation Profiles were developed through a research project conducted by the Purdue University Libraries and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. More information about this research project can be found on the Project History page.
Based on the results of the project, we developed the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit for use by librarians and other information professionals at their institutions. The Data Curation Profiles Toolkit is meant to help launch discussions between librarians and faculty and aid in the planning of data services that directly address the needs of researchers.
With support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Distributed Data Curation Center at the Purdue University Libraries is conducting a series of activities to support the continued development and advancement of the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit.
Training Workshop: A total of 12 full day workshops were presented at venues across the US in 2011. Additional workshops were also held in 2012. The scope of these workshops was to train participants in the application and use of the Data Curation Profile Toolkit. 

Symposium: After the workshops were delivered, a symposium was held at Purdue University to discuss the issues raised by librarians in exploring data management curation roles. Librarians who completed a Data Curation Profile and who submitted their profile for inclusion into the collection of publicly available profiles were eligible to present their work at this symposium. 
Community: The management and curation of research data is a new field for librarians thus there are few models or examples to follow. Recognizing that everyone benefits from the knowledge and experiences of others, we encourage those who are using the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit at their institutions to share their experiences and results with others.  We have set up a forum for participants to ask questions, share findings, or seek advice on how to use the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit.
Evaluation and Further Development:  The Data Curation Profiles Toolkit will evolve as more information professionals make use of it at their institutions. We are extremely interested in hearing your expereinces in using the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit and we encourage you to share your feedback at the forum.

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